IoT in your buildings? We'll make it happen!

We’re a Finnish device manufacturer focused on bringing IoT into buildings already in the construction phase. Our devices provide buildings with an easy-to-install IoT infrastructure combined with a variety of measurement and control devices and a cloud-based platform for the data collected. Our Riots Cloud platform offers a centralised place to both follow everything going on in your buildings – from room temperatures to water and electricity usage – and control different functions in the building, such as electric heating, ventilation, lighting, and electric locks. The data gathered with Riots devices can also be utilized in external systems through interfaces. Our increasing customer pool includes construction companies, real estate companies, and real estate service providers. We are passionate about providing quality service for our customers and are concentrating on business customers instead of the consumer market.
Currently we operate in Finland.

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What can you do with Riots devices?

With Riots devices you can remotely monitor room temperatures and air humidity, water and electricity meter readings, and how the ventilation system is working or whether the fire damper is open or shut. In addition, you’ll be notified of possible water leaks in the kitchen and abnormalities in room temperatures. You can also remotely control and set a timer for the electric floor heating system in the bathroom.

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