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We turn buildings smart

Building automation with today's technology

We’re a Finnish device manufacturer specialized in building automation solutions. We offer fresh solutions for apartment buildings hotels care facilities

What is this about

How can you be sure that functionalities related to building automation work correctly all around the building?

Riots Global Oy offers solutions to this by bringing building automation functionalities visible and under control through one platform on the web.

How is this done

We develop and sell devices that are connected to the building automation devices.

Our devices connect these devices to the web.

Measurement data from the building and information on how the building automation devices work can be viewed in the cloud service we have developed. The devices can also be controlled through the cloud service.

Why Riots

No magic tricks, no complicated IT systems.

No quick fixes snatched from early development stages, but proven devices that work right now.

Buildings are planned to last for 50-150 years. With us it’s more certain.

Developed in Finland. Data security taken care of. For sustainable development.


We offer scalable building automation solutions for different types of residential properties and for different automation needs. Whether you want to collect water meter readings, view room temperatures in addition to water meter readings, or do both and also optimize the heating of the building and receive alerts if something in the building is not working properly, Riots is for you.

We bring your building visible to you, no matter where you are.

Riots kiinteistöautomaatio-ratkaisut

Building automation solutions

Remote water meter readings
Remote electricity meter readings
Ventilation control
Floor heating control
General alerts

Apartment-level solutions

Remote water meter readings
Remote electricity meter readings
Ventilation control
Floor heating control
Water leak monitoring
Room temperature and air humidity monitoring

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Popular products

Take a look at what forms our building automation solutions

We develop and sell devices accessed through one cloud service. Our devices are delivered as part of our proven solutions or as independent device packages.

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We help you to keep the building automation functionalities running

Device control through web browser

Our smart devices connect securily to the Riots Cloud service, from which you can monitor the data our devices send and control the devices. The cloud service is available both in browser and as a mobile application.

Comprehensive and device-specific log data

Real-time monitoring of room temperature and air humidity is handy – sometimes though it’s useful to view data from a longer period of time. Our application enables you to view and store data from any Riots device from a chosen time period.

Remote use

Remote use and control of devices minimizes the need of checking on the devices at their location. After the devices are connected securely to the web, there’s no need to adjust their settings locally anymore.

Sharing access rights

One can share the cloud service access to spaces holding our devices. You can share data viewing or data management rights to others without surrendering the possibility of keeping an eye on the data from your building yourself too.