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Riots Global Oy is a Finnish device manufacturer. We provide buildings with an easily deployable IoT infrastructure and related remote controllable devices that together form a comprehensive Riots building automation system. We have developed and incorporated to our solutions a cloud service -based control panel through which the system is operated.

Customer service

+358 50 301 7149 (Pasi Heikkala)
Our email addresses are formed as follows: forename.surname@riots.fi

Visiting address

Takatie 6, 90440 Kempele Finland

Billing information

E-invoice address 003727239732
Operator MAVENTA
Broker ID 003721291126

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Our vision

Our vision to renew building construction and real estate management towards a more efficient, eco-friendly, and economical future. We want to create sustainable development to the construction business and healthier and more economical housing and living to everyone. We provide constructors and real estate managers with simple and practical sensor and automation solutions which can be scaled and customized to meet our customers’ needs.

Our mission

Managing your settings!

Our devices measure and control things at home so that people can concentrate on living and thriving.


Samuli Stenudd
+358 40 803 1420
Taneli Stenudd
Product development
+358 44 305 0399
Pasi Heikkala
Customer service
+358 50 301 7149
Saila Kakko
Jukka Aittakumpu
Product design
Kimmo Jokikokko