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Do you Tinker?   Teach?   Learn?   Desire to Manage your Things from afar?  

Create your own Internet of Things with Riots!  

A Complete Wireless Sensor Platform.
Hardware.  Software.  Secure Network.  Secure Cloud.  
Small Form Factor.  Simple.  Fast.  Functional. Flexible.  Extendable.

The Riots Product Family was developed for our Kickstarter campaign. This flexible and functional design is ideal for developers and school technology programs.  Products are programmed for immediate use.

For the Novice or Proficient Programmer:
  • Reconfigurable hardware and software
  • Build your own Sensor
  • No soldering or wiring
  • Open source / open hardware
  • Arduino compatible
  • Manage via the Riots Cloud or Private Network
  • Remote Development, Over-the-Air Updates, Remote Debugging
  • Customizable extendable network

Sensors, Controllers & Actuators:
  • Sensors: Air, Light, Gyro
  • Button: Capacitive Touch
  • DC Control: Quick Connect, 5-12V DC
  • USB: USB - UART Gateway
  • LAN: LAN - Cloud Gateway
  • Breakout Board
  • More to be added!
Power Options: Coin Cell Battery, USB, External 5-14V DC Power Source. Power Loss Alerts sent via the Cloud.
Physical Dimensions: Air, Light, Gyro, DC Control, USB - 30.8mm x 30.8mm x 17.0mm | Mama, Button, Breakout - 45.8mm x 45.8mm x 17.0mm
Communication: Point to Point via 2.4Ghz radio network.  AES-128 Data Encryption.  Indoor Working Range of ~15m.  Add network nodes to extend communication. 
Internal Memory: Store the last 1000 Data Entries

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